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UF/IFAS Communications Webinar Series

Adobe Connect - Instructions and Information

Adobe Connect is an online system used to facilitate interaction between people in different locations. It is often used for sharing presentations, delivering online training, and conducting web conferencing. This system will be used to deliver and access the UF/IFAS Communications webinar series.

In advance of the webinar session:

Configure your computer

If you have not previously participated in an Adobe Connect webinar, please visit the following testing link at least a day in advance of the live webinar in case you have problems that need to be resolved. Adobe Connect will conduct a test to ensure your computer and network connections are properly configured to allow you to successfully participate in our webinar session. If all tests pass successfully, you are ready to participate in the session; however, if you experience problems, please refer to the troubleshooting tips at this same link.

If your issue remains unresolved:

  • ensure your pop-up blocker is turned off
  • access the Adobe Connect Support Center for additional help
  • or call the Adobe Connect Technical Assistance line at (800) 422-3623
  • enlist help from your IT support prior to the event in order to connect, if you have firewall blocking

Mobile Access

  • You can also access the webinar from a mobile device. You must download the appropriate “app” for your mobile device.

On the day of the webinar session:

  • Go to session: Use the link provided via email to join the online webinar on the day of the session.
  • Log in: On the page that appears, choose “enter as guest” and input your full name, first and last. The webinar will then load on your computer; this may take a few minutes. Once you are in the session, please follow the instructions on the screen to complete the audio set up.


If you are a first time user, please log on 15 minutes early to learn the basic features of the program, which will help you engage with the speaker and presentation. This information is also provided below if you are unable to log in early.

Download resources: If there are any presentation handouts from the speaker, you will see these available in the “files for participant download” box. Highlight the file and then click “download file” to save it to your computer.

Key features of Adobe Connect:


Participants will not be able to actually speak using a microphone during this session so the chat box is the main way to communicate. The session will be open for questions and answers throughout the session. The chat window is in the bottom left of your screen. This is the main avenue participants use to communicate with each other, the speaker, or the host. If you click in this space at the very bottom and start typing, hit enter, your message will then appear in the chat window. As is, comments or questions you post in the chat window will be seen by everyone in the session, all participants. If you click the three lines in the top right corner, a drop down box opens and here you can specify who you want to send a message to. Chat messages are visible in the final webinar recording that is posted on our web page after the live session.

The presenter will not be able to address one-on-one questions until the end of the session because he or she will be preoccupied with delivering the presentation and answering questions intended for the entire audience. It is best if you post questions and comments for all to read. You can send a message directly to the moderator, but he or she may not see it immediately. Limit use of the chat window to asking questions and if the speaker asks you to, answering his or her questions.

Other Communication Options

At the top of your screen, you will see a gray menu bar. In that menu bar, you will see the figure of a stick person with their hand raised. If you click the down arrow next to the stick figure, you will get a drop down box. In this drop down box, you will see several different expressions available to you. You can raise your hand, agree, disagree, or indicate that you have had to step away from your computer.

Also in the drop down, you can indicate that you found something funny by clicking the laughter icon or you can clap by clicking the applause icon. When you click any of these icons, the icon will appear next to your name in the attendee box or pod that you see in the left hand window.

Let’s say the speaker asks you to raise your hand in answer to a question, now you know how to raise your hand. A speaker could phrase a question slightly differently, asking if you agree or disagree, again you now know where to go to share your position.

Next, in addition to a raise your hand or agree/disagree question, a speaker can also ask a multiple-choice question. On the right side of your screen, you will see another box that has a question with several options to choose from.

You can also let the webinar host know if there are volume or speed issues that need to be addressed – so we have the following options: speak louder/softer, speed up, or slow down. If everyone is having the same volume concerns, that is something the host will need to address on their end. If the problem is unique to you, you will need to adjust the volume on your end. Volume issues are typically addressed in the Audio Setup Wizard you would have completed prior to the start of the session.

Finally, the speaker may have supplemental documents, publications or handouts to share with participants. Take a look in the box in the top right of your screen for any such files.

During the Webinar

The center screen in your Adobe Connect interface is referred to as the Share pod. This is where a PowerPoint would appear or where the Presenter might share a browser window. If you are having problem viewing an element within the Share pod, look just above the window is a button labeled "Full Screen." If you click that, the Share pod will expand to the size of your Adobe Connect window, making it easier to see small text, etc. To go back to the regular screen, just re-click the Full Screen button.

If you do use the Full Screen option, its probably a good idea to go back to the regular view every so often so you see if there have been any changes or new pods being shared. However, if someone does enter a Chat comment, you will see a notice appear in the bottom of the screen telling you someone has made a Chat comment.

The Presenter may provide links or files you can access during the session. If you're directed to download or access a file, please do so as the pod might be closed for another pod to appear. Also note that you can click on links embedded in a PowerPoint and they will open up in a new browser window.

Thanks for your interest in the UF/IFAS Communications webinar series!