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Rob Ferl
Rob Ferl, Ph.D.
Rob Ferl
Director and Professor

Rob Ferl is the Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research, the major genomics, proteomics, cellomics and bioinformatics center at the University of Florida. He has designed and flown several spaceflight experiments and conducted numerous experiments in spaceflight and planetary analog environments studying the effects of spaceflight and planetary habitats on plant molecular biology. His lab has had experiments on multiple Space Shuttle missions and International Space Station segments including recent launches and recoveries on with NASA and CASIS that emphasize cross and multi discipline approaches to space research. He is currently in the preparation stages for ISS experiments next year and technology development for suborbital research flights. His lab has also flown with their experiments on several parabolic flight and other research aircraft to mimic aspects of the microgravity environment and develop flight hardware for understanding biological effects of space vehicles and space flights. Ferl also conducts ground based science on space-related environmental effects on terrestrial biology and works within planetary exploration analogs including the Haughton Mars Project in the Arctic. He served as a member of the NRC Decadal Study and currently co-chairs the NAS Committee on Biological and Physical Sciences in Space. He has published extensively on the subject of spaceflight biology and extraterrestrial plant growth - and on the fundamentals of moving life off the surface of the earth.

Areas of Expertise
  • Email: robferl@ufl.edu
  • Phone: 352-273-8030
  • Address: 152 Cancer and Genetics Research Complex
    Gainesville, FL 32610-3622

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