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Patrick Inglett
Patrick W. Inglett, PhD
Patrick Inglett
Associate Professor

Research and teaching focuses on the interaction of biotic communities such as microorganisms and plants with the nutrient environment of soils and sediments in wetlands and aquatic environments. In particular, main interest in how biota respond to, and determine the availability, fate, and transport of major elements such as carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Work has included basic and applied studies on topics including nutrient availability/limitation, ecological indicators and effects of nutrient pollution, technologies to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus pollution, and ecological restoration, and fire. Research has dealt with problems in a variety of ecosystem types including treatment wetlands, freshwater wetlands, coastal salt marshes/estuaries, spring and aquifer systems, the Florida Everglades, and lake systems in the Southeast US. Analysis of both spatially- and temporally-varying processes such as biological nitrogen fixation, denitrification, nutrient uptake/sources, and microbial decomposition including enzymes. Techniques include traditional biogeochemical approaches supported by chemical analyses/fractionation and state of the art analyses, such as stable isotopes (both natural abundance and enriched levels) and dissolved gas measurements.

Areas of Expertise
  • Email: pinglett@ufl.edu
  • Phone: (352) 294-3170
  • Address: 2181 McCarty Hall A
    Gainesville, FL 32611

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