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If you have an upcoming event, or are even thinking of having one, let UF/IFAS Communications get you started and put you at ease.  

We can assist with as little or as much as you need.  Please call or email…UF/IFAS Communications is ready to help!

Event Help

For event inquiries contact:

We are at your service and can assist with:

  • Marketing
  • Graphic design of posters, invitations, programs, etc.
  • Menu planning - from breakfast to snacks to dinner
  • Event locations
  • Photographing your event
  • ...and much more
  • Event Pricing

    Event planning services are free for all UF/IFAS departments with the exception of printing costs, catering costs, or other outside fees related to your event. For pricing information contact

  • Past Events
    • Bug Week
    • York Distinguished Lecture
    • Plant Diagnostic Center Ribbon Cutting
    • Austin Carey Learning Center Ground Breaking
    • Ordway-Swisher Biological Station Showcase and Ground Breaking
    • Straughn Professional Development Center Ribbon Cutting
    • Business Meetings at the Straughn Center
    • UFCN Breakfast Buzz

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