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Facebook Resources 

  • Getting Started with Facebook

    If you are new to Facebook, this resource is a great tool to help you create an account and learn the basics. 

  • How do I schedule a post on Facebook?
    • When you go to create a new post on Facebook, you’ll see a blue bar at the bottom of the post allowing you to schedule posts in creator studio.
    • If you click creator studio, you’ll be directed to creator studio wherein the top left corner you’ll see “create a post.”
    • After you draft our post, on the bottom hit the arrow on the “share now” option and select schedule.
    • *Note: this will only work for a page, Facebook won’t let you schedule posts for a profile*
  • Adding captions to a Facebook video
    • This is a good resource
    • If you have a video that is already on Facebook and you'd like to turn on the captions, make the video full size, then click the gear button. 
  • Facebook polls
    • This tutorial might be helpful in creating the poll.  This tutorial will help you download the app.   
    • If you’d like to try first without going through an app, this tutorial shows you how to create a poll right in your news feed, although it might be a little limiting
  • Getting access to a Facebook location page
    • You have to claim it first, then delete it. But Facebook takes 72 hours to get back with you.

  • Merging Facebook pages
    • This source has a good tutorial on how to merge pages. Look for the second light-blue bar.
  • Converting a Facebook profile to a page
  • Claiming an old Facebook page
    • What to do if someone has access, but it isn’t you and you are trying to gain access:
      • One option is to have the person who would like to take over the account directly message the page you are trying to gain access to and explain you’d like to take over the page and could they please give you access. If they do give you access, make sure to add one more person. When you gain page access, navigate over to settings at the top, then page roles on the left-hand side. This page will show you who has what permissions. 

      • Other options - If you follow this link, you'll see in step one there are several options. Your best option is probably the second to last and last options. These options are to either try and claim the page as your own, or report it so it can be taken down.

         I’d first try to claim the page and if that doesn’t work try to go through the reporting route. When I followed the reporting route prompt it looked like there was a space to explain what the issue you are facing is, so that might be a good way for Facebook to review your individual case. 

  • Facebook Business Manager

    Uncomfortable about attaching your business Facebook page to your personal profile? Try setting up Facebook business manager.

  • The latest on the Facebook algorithm

    This link will bring you up to speed on algorithm changes for 2022. 

  • Crossposting

    Want to make your videos available for other accounts to share natively? Try crossposting! 

    Crossposting Handout

  • Alternative Text for Photos

    Here is a resource for you to learn how to edit the alternative text on your photos for accessibility.