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Policies & Standards

UF Policies and Standards

All sites with UF content are required to be in compliance with UF social media policies. Here is the UF Human Resources policy for social media.

Facebook Disclaimer 

This language is required to be placed in the About section of all UF/IFAS Facebook pages:

The University of Florida welcomes your comments on our social media posts and encourages interaction among Gators around the world. We also encourage our community to foster respectful and vibrant online connections. Before you post, please consider the UF Core Values and review these UF Community Commenting Guidelines (“Guidelines”).

We review all comments made and when necessary, we reserve the right to remove comments that are:

- Off-topic

- Made in violation of Florida or federal law

Comments made by outside users are the opinions of the authors, not of the university. By posting a comment on our social media pages, you agree to follow the University of Florida Community Commenting Guidelines, host social media channel Terms of Service, Florida and federal law, and UF regulations and policies – including but not limited to the university’s Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy. Your comments may be removed if they are in violation of these Guidelines.

Gator Logo

UF athletic logo, trademark, mascot and name are only authorized for athletic sites with prior approval from the UAA licensing department.

Stay on the right side of Copyright law

U.S. copyright laws protect literary works, musical or sound recordings, and pictorial or graphical designs. Prior to using any creative works that do not belong to the University of Florida, please make sure you have the proper license and/or permission from the owner of those works.