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UF/IFAS Account Registration Process

  • Images
    • Your banner image should be one from You can also use a UF/IFAS video if preferred.

    • Avatar templates for circle images can be found here. Download the template and put your entity’s name in the circle. If you need help, please submit a graphics request in Workfront. When you put in the request, give them the dimensions below:
      • Facebook: 180 x 180 pixels (Displays 170 x 170 pixels on Desktop)

      • Twitter: 400 x 400 pixels (Displays 200 x 200 pixels)

      • Instagram: 110 x 110 pixels

      • YouTube: Recommended 800 x 800 pixels. Displays as 98 x 98 pixels.

  • Account Naming

    Facebook/YouTube -

    *Note* YouTube might not recognize the "/" mark. If this is the case, you can use a space instead of a symbol. 

    • Departments:
      [UF/IFAS] [Department Name]
      EXAMPLE: UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences
      NOTE; Once you set a username on Facebook, it can only be changed a limited amount of times.
    • Extension:
      [UF/IFAS Extension] [County Name]
      EXAMPLE: UF/IFAS Extension Alachua County
    • Research Centers
      [UF/IFAS] [Center Name]
      EXAMPLE: UF/IFAS Citrus Research and Education Center


      UF/IFAS must be in the name or Twiter handle 

    Facebook Pages

    • Please make sure to include a phone number or email address
    • Include website address
    • Location
    • Disclaimer: 

    The University of Florida [description of unit if applicable] intends to educate, inform and provide updated information on [unit’s or UF’s] activities [or specify a narrower focus] and to support and promote the [unit’s or UF’s] objectives for these activities through its social media site. All [unit or UF] comments are made by [unit or UF] designees. This site is not a public forum. Social media users may share ideas through commentary that is consistent with and furthers the objectives of a [unit or UF] post and the University of Florida [unit if applicable] reserves the right to remove any comments that do not fall within this purpose.

    By posting a comment on this social media site, users agree to follow the terms of use of the site, Florida and federal laws and University of Florida regulations and policies, including but not limited to the University’s Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy. The [unit or UF] reserves the right to remove from the site any comments that violate these requirements.”

  • Create a Social Media Strategy
  • Checklist for IFAS Approval
    • Is your account name correct?
    • Profile Picture correct?
    • Did you include a phone number or email address on Facebook?
    • Did you include your web address?
    • Did you include a location
    • Did you mention your affiliation with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) in your description?
    • Do you include the disclaimer in your description?
    • Did you put together a plan for managing the account that includes a description of the account with your overall goals as well as how much time you plan to spend with the account each day and how often you plan to post?
    • Submit your plan in Workfront.
  • UF Social Media Resources