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UF/IFAS Communications

UF/IFAS Communications

Video Services

Video producers with the UF/IFAS Communications Video unit utilize state-of-the-art technology to produce instructional and promotional videos, program awareness productions, and public service announcements while coordinating and contributing to the UF/IFAS social media outreach.  Staff members also provide video field production support for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences distance education courses and UF/IFAS Extension online video delivery efforts.

To submit a request for video production, please visit our IFAS Communications Workfront portal.  If you have any other video questions, please contact UF/IFAS Communications Video Manager, Al Williamson.

An example of an IFAS Communications Video production. In March 2020, the University of Florida responded quickly to COVID-19. UF/IFAS continued on, operating from labs, remote field locations and home, serving Florida, always at work.


Video Communication

YouTube Channel “UF/IFAS Social” As a Video Resource

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Food is Our Middle Name Animated Logo For those looking for the Food is Our Middle Name logo to be part of their food-related video productions, IFAS Communications Video provides an animated version of the new logo. This...

Captioning UF/IFAS Videos in YouTube (Updated 2022)

This is an update to the 2019 video tutorial YouTube Captioning for UF/IFAS Videos. Since that post, YouTube has changed a few elements so this updated version is provided to help those working with YouTube and its auto-caption...