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UF/IFAS Communications Directory

Unit Manager

Dr. Ruth Borger, Assistant Vice President

Administration and Training

Jana Barnash, Assistant Director of Operations


Jana Barnash, Administrative Services Coordinator

Sarah Hensley, Marketing Development Manager

Darryl Palmer, Editor

Branding Help

Tracy Bryant, Creative Director

Event Services

Linda Rogus, Administrative Support Assistant

Dr. Ruth Borger, Assistant Vice President

EDIS/ Publication Editing

Diana Hagan, Library Coordinator

Hope Crawford, Data Entry Processor

Susan Gildersleeve, EDIS Editor

Amanda Quintos, EDIS Editor

Allison Nick, EDIS Editor

Graphics Design Services

Tracy Bryant, Creative Director

Hope Crawford, Graphic Designer

Michele Wood, Graphic Designer

News Media

Beverly James, Public Relations Director

Brad Buck, Public Relations Specialist

Samantha Grenrock, Public Relations Specialist


Tyler Jones, Photographer

Social Media

Beverly James, Public Relations Director

Alec Richman, Digital Content Specialist

Web Services

Dr. Tennille Herron, Web Services Manager

Jennifer Hugus, Web Developer

Yiqi Gao, Web Application Developer

Alec Richman, Digital Content Specialist

Technical Assistance contact: webteam@ifas.ufl.edu

Video Services

Al Williamson, Production Manager

Rebecca Clapp, Producer

Michael Munroe, Producer

Rob Annis, Producer