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Graphic Design Services

The UF/IFAS Communications Graphic Design Services department provides professional services that enhance the visual effectiveness of University of Florida research, teaching, and Extension work.  

Graphic design services include printing and electronic document production and design, communications consulting, package design, art for conferences and trade-shows

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Graphic Design Help

For questions about your graphics project contact:

Copyright law protects the owner of creative materials from unauthorized use of his or her work. U.S. copyright laws protect literary works, musical or sound recordings, and pictorial or graphical designs. Prior to using any creative works that do not belong to the University of Florida, please make sure you have the proper license and/or permission from the owner of those works.


  • Graphic Design Services

    Printing and Electronic Document Production and Design

    Graphic Design Services offers design services and production for a wide range of electronic, print, multimedia publications, and marketing campaigns. Working from content you provide, the graphic designers will create full-color posters, DVD art and packaging, trade and professional show displays and visuals, for-sale books and publications, booklets, newsletters, reports, fact sheets, invitations, forms, business cards, letterhead and envelopes, and more. Graphic design labor is free for all IFAS departmentally funded projects. Call for a quote on grant funded projects.


    UF/IFAS Communications will help you choose the best solution for your print and copy needs. We work with approved UF print vendors on your behalf from bidding all the way through printing, proofing and delivery of your finished project.

    Banner Stands and Poster Printing

    Working from content you provide, the IFAS Communications graphics area will design and create full-color banners, posters, and displays. We can use artwork you provide or assist with choosing visuals. We assist in coordinating with the IFAS Extension Bookstore to mount banners on for-sale retractable banner stands.

    Print Media

    We assist with the development of other products, including magazines, print and electronic newsletters, and annual reports and brochures. We design projects from business cards to billboards and anything in between.


    Our designers provide advice and assistance with projects including those that will be completed by outside vendors, such as large-scale document production or smaller copy jobs. We provide assistance with bidding, art submission, and proofing processes.

  • Graphic Design Pricing

    Graphic design labor is free for all UF/IFAS departmentally funded projects. Contact Tracy Bryant for a quote on grant-funded projects. 

  • Graphics Team

Graphics Communication

Oyster Reef Display

The Oyster Reef display panels were created to be showcased at the recent UF/IFAS Nature Coast Biological Station Open House. Dr. Peter Frederick worked with the UF/IFAS Communications graphics staff to create 4 - 30" x 58" posters. The intent was to give an understanding of how oyster reefs work, why they are important, what has happened to them, and the work UF/IFAS is doing to restore them in the Cedar Key area.


UF/IFAS and UF/IFAS Extension Pocket Folders

Keep loose documents right where you need them in this colorful folder featuring images of UF/IFAS and UF/IFAS Extension programs and research. The inside flap is equipped to hold your business card. On the back cover, find a helpful map of UF/IFAS Statewide Facilities! The UF/IFAS Extension Bookstore wanted a new design for the folders that it offers for sale. The new folders needed to be a colorful, visually impactful representation of the


Water When it Counts Conference Poster

UF/IFAS Communications worked with Patrick Troy, Regional Specialized Agent, to develop a conference poster targeting large growers in north Florida. This program was developed for those near the Suwannee River who use or produce nitrogen (like dairies). The program’s mission is to help accelerate the adoption of soil moisture sensors technology which have proved to be viable tools for irrigation scheduling, monitoring volumetric water content