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UF/IFAS Web Services oversees the UF/IFAS homepage, along with other critical UF/IFAS websites. Additionally, we provide resources, strategic planning, and consulting to the UF/IFAS community for teaching, research, and Extension. Contact webteam@ifas.ufl.edu to learn how we can help you with your next web initiative.

UF/IFAS Web Services offers assistance with web design, web traffic analysis, web writing, and recommendations for your existing websites.

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For technical assistance or questions about your website contact:

*Copyright law protects the owner of creative materials from unauthorized use of his or her work. U.S. copyright laws protect literary works, musical or sound recordings, and pictorial or graphical designs. Prior to using any creative works that do not belong to the University of Florida, please make sure you have the proper license and/or permission from the owner of those works.


Web Pricing

For pricing information contact Dr. Tennille L. Herron, Web Services Team Manager
352-294-3310. Our services are generally free for all IFAS departments.

Web Team
  • Tennille L. Herron, Web Services Team Manager
  • Yiqi Gao, Web Application Developer
  • Jennifer Hugus, Web Developer
  • Darshee Reshamwala, Web Intern
Policies and Guidelines
None available

These are services that UF/IFAS Communications Web Services DOES NOT provide.

IFAS IT can help you with any of the following:

Web Communication

TERMINALFOUR (T4) Tip 15: Center Important Information In Your Slider Graphic

Intended Audience: TERMINALFOUR WEB MAINTAINERS, END-USER MODERATORS, PRIMARY WEB COORDINATORS, END-USER CONTRIBUTORS, GRAPHICS TIP: Important information seen in your slider should be center-frame. EXPLANATION: If you include text or faces in your slider graphic, and you want it seen on both a desktop computer and a mobile phone, you should make sure they are in the center. Otherwise valuable information like text and faces


TERMINALFOUR (T4) Tip 14: Re-ordering Site-Channel Sections

Intended Audience: TERMINALFOUR WEB MAINTAINERS, END-USER MODERATORS, PRIMARY WEB COORDINATORS TIP: There is an easy way to re-order your sections in your site channel. EXPLANATION: New sections always appear at the bottom of the site-channel. If you want to organize your sections in a particular order do the following: Click the yellow area next to yoursite.ifas.ufl.edu site channel Select > Modify Section Click on


TERMINALFOUR (T4) Tip 13: Styling Tables

Intended Audience: CONTRIBUTORS TIP: You can style your tables four different ways. EXPLANATION: You can use any one of the four table styling options that are a part of your template and/or pages. To explore the different options, follow the directions in the graphic and use one of the following classes: Unstyled Table - do not declare a table class LIVE EXAMPLE: