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UF/IFAS Communications

UF/IFAS Communications

Graphic Design

The UF/IFAS Communications Graphic Design team provides professional services that visually assist with raising the profile of UF/IFAS' teaching, research, and Extension work.

Graphic Design Help

To submit a request, visit Workfront at or go directly to the Graphic Design request form.

Copyright law protects the owner of creative materials from unauthorized use of his or her work. U.S. copyright laws protect literary works, musical or sound recordings, and pictorial or graphical designs. Prior to using any creative works that do not belong to the University of Florida, please make sure you have the proper license and/or permission from the owner of those works.


  • Graphic Design Services

    Printing and Electronic Document Production and Design

    The Graphic Design staff offers design services and production for a wide range of electronic, print, multimedia, and marketing campaigns. Working from content you provide, the ICS graphic designers will create full-color posters, DVD art and packaging, trade and professional show displays and visuals, for-sale books and publications, booklets, newsletters, reports, fact sheets, invitations, forms, web graphics, business cards, letterhead, envelopes and more. Our designers provide advice and assistance with projects including those that will be completed by outside vendors, such as large-scale document production or smaller copy jobs. We help with bidding, art submission, and proofing processes.

  • Graphic Design Pricing

    Graphic design labor is free for all UF/IFAS departmentally funded projects. The only cost to you would be any printing or materials that need to be purchased to complete your project.

  • Graphics Team

Graphics Communication

Image Quality for Print

Photographs used on websites do not need to be super high resolution. However, that is not the case with images used on print pieces. As a general rule of thumb, files sized around 1 MB or higher and have image dimensions around 1000 pixels or...

Bats, they’re helpful not scary

Given the fact that bats are more helpful to humans, rather than harmful and something to be feared, we created this Helping Bats Help Humans infographic to: raise awareness about the valuable contribution of bats to the natural world...

Workfront Client Training

Want to make a communications request, but not sure how to use Workfront? Already use Workfront for your communications requests and want to learn more? Check our newly created training videos. All the videos...