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Social Media Services

Welcome to UF/IFAS Social Media Services

We are glad you are interested in social media. By the year 2023, it’s projected the number of social media users around the world will reach 3.43 billion, according to Statista.

Virtually dynamic platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more allow you to expand your reach and touch audiences in innovative ways.

Before You Start

Social media platforms are a bit like committing to bringing home a new puppy. You have to feed it content daily, check back regularly to make sure there aren’t any accidents or issues you need to address, and give it lots of love to help it grow.

So, before you start a page, ask yourself if you really have the time to commit to starting a new account. 

Please also review UF's social media guidelines.

Helpful Resources

Tips We Recommend

Here are some great tips we recommend following first:

  • If you are an Extension office and are looking to create an account for your program area, first see if your overall Extension office has a page to which you can contribute content. This is preferable to starting multiple accounts within one county.
  • If one Extension office has multiple Facebook or YouTube pages, we’re fracturing our audience and our efforts. Since we serve ALL the people in the county, some who can benefit from more than one of our programs and initiatives, making them go to or follow different pages can be cumbersome. 

  • If you are a Research office, look to see if you can contribute content to a REC account or an overall department, if relevant. The more accounts you create, the more you are fracturing your audience. In this case, less is more.
  • If you are a part of a CALS school or department, try to funnel your content into an already existing account.

UF/IFAS Social Media Committee

Committee Responsibilities 

The UF/IFAS social media committee's charge is to...

  • Establish and distribute guidelines for the legal and proper use of UF/IFAS social media accounts.
  • Advance awareness and engagement on branding and organizational social media channels.
  • Promote best practices that protect the reputation of UF and IFAS.
  • Assist the community via training and updates.
  • Reward UF/IFAS faculty for outstanding use of social media in scholarly activities. 

Committee Members

NW District

  • Julie Dillard
  • Kayln Waters

NE District

  • Heather Janney
  • Ted Karsh
  • Ashley Johnston

Central District

  • Wendy Lynch
  • Bill Lester

SW District

  • Nelly Nelson
  • Libby Carnahan
  • Jonael Bosques

SE District

  • Ken Gioeli
  • Noelle Guay


  • Jarred Shellhouse


  • Mary Anne Sanders

Florida Sea Grant

  • Ryan Smith

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