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Video Services

Video producers with the UF/IFAS Communications Video unit utilize state-of-the-art technology to produce instructional and promotional videos, program awareness productions, and public service announcements while coordinating and contributing to the UF/IFAS social media outreach.  Staff members also provide video field production support for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences distance education courses and UF/IFAS Extension online video delivery efforts.

An example of IFAS Communications Video production which provides an energetic message of how UF/IFAS is generating momentum that moves Florida, and the world.


  • Video Team
  • Video Services

    Educational Videos

    Working with broadcast quality equipment, the unit provides services from educational video productions to promotional videos and public service announcements. We can help you take the project from the initial concept all the way to the final packaging.

    Instructional Videos

    Educational production services are provided in a wide variety of formats and methodologies. From long-form instructional videos to short educational modules, the unit works closely with the client to provide a product that enhances their educational endeavor.

    Promotional Videos

    Promotional videos are provided in support of UF/IFAS related conferences, events and outreach efforts. Final products can be provided in a variety of format.

    Please note: this is a fee-based service.

    External Requests for Usage of UF/IFAS Videos

    Please fill out the pdf form titled UF-IFAS Video Use Request Form and email the completed and signed form to:

  • Video Pricing

    For pricing information contact Al Williamson, Video Manager

  • Video Production Examples

    For examples of our productions, please visit our UF/IFAS Video channels on YouTube and Vimeo

Video Communication

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